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Donate to feed the Needy

Donate to feed the Needy

Augustine Corporation wishes to keep extending helping hands to orphanages, patients and people who are in dire need of assistance to keep surviving.

Donate to feed the Needy!

Augustine Corporation's ambitions of helping the needy especially in this time of coronavirus outbreak is ongoing.

The company, established on the firm foundation of the Christian faith is equipped with delivering IT services and solutions for Media, Travel, and Employment – consider charity as the role of good stewards of God through His unmerited and spiritual endowments.

The Company recently donated food items worth three thousand Ghana cedis (GH₵3,000) cedis to the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Hospital in Fiapre, a suburb in the capital of Bono Region, Sunyani towards the feeding of patients.



 Items such as bags of rice, boxes of sardines, cooking oil, tomato paste, bags of corn, palm oil, bags of sugar and charcoal valued at two thousand cedis (GH₵2,000) were provided plus cash of one thousand cedis (GH₵1,000) were given to make available items for the feeding of patients.

“It is our dream to put smiles on the faces of the deprived and vulnerable especially in Africa. The coronavirus has exposed lives here in Ghana and Africa as a whole and people require our help to be able to continue living,” the Ghanaian representative of Augustine Corporation said.



Pastor Paul Danquah, President of Mid-West Ghana Conference of SDA and Board chairman of the Hospital expressed sincere gratitude to the company and its stakeholders for the remarkable contribution and making the welfare of the sick a topmost importance.



He narrated the sad ordeal some patients used to go through years ago related to strengthening and requested people across the world to help contribute to the initiative to help solve the emptiness.

“On behalf of the Hospital, I thank Augustine Corporation very much. Sometimes people come here to be treated and the sad part is that feeding becomes a problem for them. We decided to feed patients on Sunday morning with porridge and bread.



“We realized that Tuesday is assigned for treating diabetic patients therefore an additional day was included. Parents and children were also involved in the roll call and by God’s Grace, many people are benefitting from the idea,” he spoke.

“We wish the feeding is extended throughout the week for morning and evenings but we trust in God for the fulfillment. We are very grateful to Mr. Augustine Forson and anyone who has contributed to support this course. Your donations are still required and we are counting on them,” he added.



The company wishes to keep extending helping hands to people who are in dire need of assistance that is why your services are also required to partner with Augustine Corporation.

A stitch in time saves nine hence, the need to open our doors for you to join us in this campaign of saving lives.

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